Permanent / Full Time

€35,000 - €40,000

Ref 457330

WorkForce Manager


1) Planning

• To manage the production of accurate forecasts both volumes and staffing
• Consolidation of all plans so that the Company management can have a holistic view across all projects
• Highlighting areas and periods of risk across contact centre operations
• Monitoring and communicating of staff ‘overs and under’ to operational management and making meaningful and impactful recommendations
• Accurate and timely calculations of staff required and support
• Timely monitoring and communicating of recruitment requirement
• Ensuring that shrinkage is analysed and understood so that re-forecasting and communication of plans can take place, while retaining historic forecasts for adequate post-mortem analysis

2) Scheduling

• Establishing scheduling methodologies and standards
• Ensuring the provision and compilation of long- and short-term schedules for the contact centre
• Ensuring best practice and take decisions around the planning / scheduling tools available

3) Real Time Management

• Establishing the methodology and process to manage schedule adherence
• Developing a standardized methodology for measuring and reporting adherence and deviations from schedule across all operations.
• Ensuring the adherence to process in the management of deviations from the schedule
• Ensuring that shrinkage is managed efficiently across all projects.

4) Reporting and Standards

• Developing reports to meet the operational requirements and standard reporting requirements within the Company
• Identifying, establishing, and conducting reporting and analysis on operations, using methodology in line with company procedures

5) People Management

• Leading by example in living the values of the organisation
• Ensuring the cluster is fully equipped to handle the work load and distribute work flow
• Coaching to ensure a full understanding of consequences of errors


Managerial skills, preferably in a similar role
• Excellent interpersonal skills to interact, work and relate effectively with the team
• Excellent communication, coaching, and conflict resolution skills
Time and project management skills
• Ability to analyze processes and information, identify problems and trends, and develop effective solutions and strategies

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